Custom Iron and Iron Repair for the Long Beach Area


Long Beach Iron Provides Custom Iron and Iron Repair for the Long Beach Area At Long Beach Iron, we specialize in providing the best quality custom wrought iron at the best price, including an iron fence , iron gates , and iron railings . Many homeowners consider their home’s curb appeal carefully when choosing decorations and landscaping, but few really think about the dignity and beauty that can be added with a custom wrought iron fence. Whether you have a suburban home with a small front yard or a large home with extensive...


Decorative Wrought Iron Long Beach


Wrought Iron Decorative Iron Decorative Iron, Custom wrought iron, Long Beach Wrought iron has a long and varied history, and has traditionally been used extensively for building and ornamentation. Valued for its malleability, wrought iron is both strong and flexible. It can be shaped into ornate and exquisite patterns, but hardens to a strength that can withstand enormous amounts of pressure and stress. While cast iron is far more brittle and liable to break under stress, wrought iron bends rather than breaking. This increases its strength...


Wrought Iron Gates Long Beach


Beautiful Wrought Iron Gates For Your Home   A fantastic feature to enhance your home's beauty and security is the installation of a wrought iron gate. Whether a simple or ornamental wrought iron gate, Iron Contractors of Long Beach designs and fabricates all of our wrought iron Gates with the finest materials available in the wrought iron industry. In addition to wrought iron Gates, Iron Contractors of  Long Beach also specializes in wrought iron doors, wrought iron railings, wrought iron pool fencing, ornamental wrought...


About Wrought Iron in Long Beach


Information on Wrought Iron in Long Beach Wrought iron is a type of iron alloy that contains a very low carbon content in comparison to steel. The fibrous inclusions in wrought iron are referred to as slag. Wrought iron is strong, malleable, and can be welded very easily. The term "wrought" in wrought iron means "to work". Wrought fences, wrought iron doors, and wrought iron gates can be a beautiful addition to any home. To view a gallery of wrought iron pieces, check out Iron Contractors of Long Beach !  


Ornamental Wrought Iron Designs in Long Beach


The Beauty of Ornamental Wrought Iron Thinking of installing a new wrought iron fence , wrought iron gates, or wrought iron doors? Consider having gorgeous ornamental wrought iron installed for your home in Long Beach. Ornamental wrought iron is different from simple wrought iron designs in the sense that ornamental wrought iron gives a more elegant touch to any home or commercial structure. Wrought iron driveway gates can add a striking touch to the facade of any home in Long Beach. Long Beach is the largest beach city in the Los...


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